how far in advance do I need to place my order?

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes books occasion cakes anywhere from 2-6 weeks in advance, depending on the time of year. We recommend ordering your cake as soon as you know the details! Once a weekend is fully booked we are not able to take any more cakes. Large orders should be booked at least 1-2 months in advance to avoid disappointment. Last minute orders may be available if space allows.

can you put Disney characters on my cake?

We are unable to put any licensed characters on a cake, but if you supply a figurine, we can create a beautiful setting for the characters, and place the figurines on the cake. We do not sell any figurines.

do you deliver?

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes does not deliver, all cakes must be picked up at one of our shops. (Wedding cakes included).

can someone else pick up my order for me?

Of course! You may send someone else to pick up your order, but please make sure they know the correct name and phone number that the order was made under.

can you reproduce a cake from a picture?

While we love to use pictures as inspiration, we would rather give you a special and unique cake, combining your photos with our own artistic design. It's classier to be an original.

how do I care for my sweets before my party?

Store cakes in the fridge until around 1 hour before your party. If cupcakes are being eaten the same day they can be left out, more than 2 days out, and we recommend freezing, and taking them out 2-3 hours before serving. If macarons are being eaten further out than a couple days, wrap the box and store in the freezer, take them out an hour before you serve.

don’t see the answer to your question above? feel free to contact us!

what to expect at our stores

everyday shopping tips & tricks

  • Every day at Kelsey Elizabeth starts with a beautiful case full of sweets!

  • Fridays & Saturdays may have lines in the morning (sometimes starting around 9:30-9:45AM), but they move quickly!

  • We might start selling out of certain flavors around 3-4 in the afternoon, but only some days!

  • If we are featuring a special item such as Unicorn Cakesicles, or our special S’mores cookies, those tend to sell out quickly, and we recommend getting there early to snag one!

  • Cinnamon Rolls are on Saturdays only.

  • Cakesicles are everyday at Avon Lake & Avon Flagship. Cakesicles are Fridays & Saturdays at Rocky River.

  • All shops do follow the same Cupcake Calendar (found on our Cupcake page), but the macarons, brownies/bars, and cookies are usually different at both shops.

  • We sell mini cakes in our Avon Flagship & Rocky River case each day and we sell them in our Avon Lake case on Fridays & Saturdays only, but they usually are the first to sell out! Get there before 10:00AM to snag one!


  • We start holidays with a beautiful case of specially decorated sweets.

  • Lines for holidays usually start around 9:15-9:30AM.

  • We usually have 12 cupcake flavors, and 16 macaron flavors for each holiday. If you’re looking for a specific holiday flavor, best to get there before noon.

  • Holiday pre-order pickups begin around 11AM-12PM. If you are there to pick up an order, feel free to skip the line and come right to the register! Limits may apply on some specialty items.

theme days

  • On theme days, we base our entire case on a specific theme and go all out with flavors, designs, and specialty sweets! Our theme days change each year.

  • Lines for theme days start around 9AM. The lines can get long, but we get through the line quickly and make as many sweets as we possibly can!

  • Specialty items may sell out within the first couple hours. Limits usually apply on specialty items.

  • We do not take pre-orders or call in orders for theme day items. It is first come, first served. Come dressed to match the theme day. We love seeing your outfits, and never be too shy to ask Kelsey for a picture!

check out @kecflagship, @kerockyriver and @keavonlake on Instagram for daily shop items.